Deeper (Music Video)

Sometimes we’re unaware of our potential and the gravity of the choices we make in life. We retreat into comfortable situations that perpetuate a cycle of holding ourselves back. Maybe subconsciously we don’t want to change because it feels good to remain in the arms of old habits and familiarity. The Knife is the breakthrough from this mindset, it’s the realization that we can grow once we understand that taking a leap into the unknown and being uncomfortable will ultimately lead to greater self-satisfaction.

From Deeper's new album "Auto-Pain" out March 27th on Fire Talk

Directed & Produced by coool (Jake Nokovic and John TerEick)
Executive Producer - Casey Lock
Assistant Director - Phil Evans

Director of Photography - Jake Brusha
1st AC - Kelsey Bunner
DIT - Max Mooney
Gaffer - Josh Binder
Key Grip - Brendan Davis
Production Assistants - Alex Leeds & Margo Hess

Steve Pavlik
Nic Gohl
Drew McBride
Shiraz Bhatti
Kevin Fairbairn

Editor - Max Mooney
Colorist - Sam Howells
Title Design - Dean Bengsten

Method & Madness
Fast Lane Automotive
Juan Del Castillo
Lainey Muhlberg
Aoibheann Parks
Sergio Gaspar
Mohammad Malik
Miguel Olmedo